What is an Oyster card?
Oyster cards are used to pay for journeys using public transport in London. Full details can be found on the Transport for London website.
Why do I have to include details of all the journeys I make in one day?
The price you pay for a single journey partly depends on the other journeys you make that day. OysterCalculator therefore needs to know all the journeys you make in one day in order to calculate the fare that you'll pay.
When does "one day" start and end?
A day lasts from 04:30-04:29. To ensure accurate fares are calculated, all journeys you enter in OysterCalculator must fall within one day.
What route does OysterCalculator use to work out my fare?
If there is more than one way of making your journey, OysterCalculator tries to work out the shortest route and calculates the fare based on that route.
Is OysterCalculator run by TfL?
No, OysterCalculator is an independent website and is not affiliated with TfL.
I think OysterCalculator has calculated the wrong fare - what should I do?
If you believe that OysterCalculator has given you an incorrect fare, please do contact us and let us know.